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  •  Our Goal

    At Crescento café, our goal is to create coffee blends for demanding customers, whether for the humble coffee loving individual or for individual points of sale and large-scale café (coffee) chains.

    Guided by our desire to offer our customers high quality products and services, we give them the opportunity to choose between one of our existing products and offer those more demanding customers the chance to create their own coffee blend, tailor-made to meet their personal needs and desires, creating their ‘little secret’; their own unique coffee.

    Those businesses and establishments that trust in us will find Crescento Café’s staff by their side at any given moment. We can offer everything from a simple quality assurance check to an expert training session on the preparation and serving of a perfectly made cup of coffee.

  • Our Philosophy 

    Our philosophy is to create a delightful blend of the senses:
    Aroma, Taste, Full Body, Freshnesses…everything that seals the spirit of coffee in a single cup.

    We have managed to seal all these qualities in Crescento’s coffee blends and offer you the rich and earthy body of the most freshly roasted coffee in Greece.


  •  Our Products

    Crescento café offers unique espresso blends, quality filter coffee, Greek coffee made with loyalty to tradition and delicious drinking chocolate. At the same time Crescento café gives its customers the opportunity to experiment with the sense creating their own espresso blend.

    Our desire is to offer a complete coffee experience.

    This is why Crescento café cooperates with well established companies in Greece in order to suggest complete product solutions with coffee machines and accessories for coffee making .

  • Unique Blends

    Our blends are made with love, careful study and devotion to premium coffee. We have tasted and chosen the best varieties of green coffee bean coffee from around the world. We were inspired to create our own recipes and adopted other tried-and-true favourites. We roasted all these blends with spirit and devotion. We are proud to offer the fruits of our labour in a single cup of Crescento café coffee.

    All our blends combine the scents and flavour of freshly roasted coffee of the highest degree and quality and every blend is as unique as you are. Every coffee lover has their own personality and so should their coffee. Trust your senses and choose your own blend of Crescento café and taste a new dimension of delight. The ultimate blend of the senses in your coffee cup.


    The Ultimate Experience

    A cup of Crescento café coffee is the ultimate coffee experience, as unique as its unique manufacture. Our blends are roasted in Greece at our privately-owned corporate facilities. In this way our coffee is always delivered to our customers fresh and untouched, which is our main advantage over roasted coffee imported from Italy.

    From the visual sensation of an ideal cream, the strong aroma, the rich texture to the delicate aftertaste, a cup of Crescento coffee is the ultimate experience of the senses.

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For information contact us at 210 6897097 Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00
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